Thursday, April 28, 2011

My first time

         My first time made me have dry mouth and sweaty hands. My heart pounded so hard I thought it would come out of my chest. I didn't even recognize my own voice. It took me 30 years to get brave enough to do it.

     That's right the first time I ever sang in front of a crowd was not only terrifying but fantastic! I was hooked in a matter of seconds. Ok, so it may have only been Karaoke and the crowd may have had no choice but to listen, but I loved the feeling of performing and every time is just as exhilarating.
      Since that time I have performed with a very talented women (Liz Solomon ) with her originals at the Melody tent and on other stages, but honestly I still get a big kick out of Karaoke. Maybe it's because it was my first experience, maybe it's because I can share the feeling with other Karaoke junkies or maybe it's just because it is simply a good time with friends. What ever the reason I will always enjoy it and certainly suggest everyone try it once. Even if you are horrible you will get a big kick out of it and a terrific memory to laugh about for years to come.