Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY website?

To DIY or not to DIY?
     While thinking about my next strategy for my business. And getting lots of new dress requests. I began to wonder if maybe I was going in the wrong direction all together. I love to make jewelry but I don't always enjoy the sales part of it because I am a bit shy when it comes to my own art. I also love to make clothing, and come up with ideas of how to make all sorts of stuff. I love to sing, take photos and write poetry and stories.
I draw and paint a little and I love to try new stuff when it comes to art.

     So I started to wonder if maybe my problem was that I like to do to many things and maybe that isn't a problem at all. Maybe I should start a DIY blog/website for my business. That way I can experiment and share the creative process, which is what I truly love, and continue to be able to do art in every form.  Maybe.  It is something I will definitely be looking into as a side business or as a compliment to what I am currently doing.

     Would love to hear what you think and what you would like to see in a DIY site. Keep in mind it would be mainly art/craft projects.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Argentium Silver order

          I just got my order in and I am so excited to give it a try and see how it handles. I did notice right away that it feels quite soft in the dead soft I ordered. I am hoping that will give me a little more time for manipulating it and that it will hardened well. I will be trying it out this week and will give you an update on it's performance. I am especially excited to try double hardening it in my oven, eeek. It should be very cool and exciting to see how it works out.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just for the Joy

      I do not have a little girl I have a wonderful little boy that I love with all my heart. However I love to make frilly and fun clothing for little ladies. So I in my spare time have made a few for some friends and their precious girls. I used to make them for my friends little since I can remember at christmas when they were small but most of them have all grown up. I even got to make a skating dress for one of my friends daughters and it has been handed down to another friend. I can not tell you how much joy I get out of knowing that they enjoyed it and that it was handed down.
    Now that I have a three year old son, I have an entire new set of friends that have little girls, yeah! I also have been lucky to make new friends and reconnect with old ones that also have little girls. And so I am finding myself suddenly very excited and somewhat afraid. I could go a bit crazy if they let me.

     I hear, you should sell these quite often but really I have come to the conclusion that even though that may be perfectly true, I need to have atl least one real hobby that I do simply for the joy of it. I have enough to do trying to make a business out of my other work and this is my fun thing. I love to get the fabric and add the little frills and flowers here and there. I love the terrific patterns available and have a hard time containing myself in the fabric store. I have more fun with kids clothes because you don't have to be as concerned with, did I put to much sparkle or frill on it. They love it and so do I. I am also certain I will never run out of little ones to make them for since the first group will be old enough to have little girls of their own (yikes!) if they wish, and when it happens I will be ready with my thread and sewing machine giddy as can be.

     It is good to have other creative outlets simply for the joy of it and it is sometimes hard to remember that when you are an artist. So go find a totaly un-profitable hobby that makes you happy, you will be much more inspired in your other ventures if you do.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colored Coated Wire Experiment

      I recently decided to make a few pieces in colored copper wire. I had never used the color coated wire for anything other than earrings and Christmas ornaments. My experiment with it didn't really turn out so well. But I must say that I like to really manipulate stuff to get the right look and I  may not be as patient as some, so I could party be at fault, plus I didn't try different brands to see if one is better than another.

      So what I found was that even with the silicone coating I had some marks on the wire or the coating came off so fast that I needed to re-coat my tools between projects. I also found that the wire was to soft to retain it's shape in a large piece that took any stress.  However I did find some very good things out. It works well for earrings and small rings. It also can be used for wrapping pendants.

      There are lot of wonderful wire artist who only use color coated wire and they come in different kinds of cores and qualities. But for my purposes I find that I prefer to work in Silver or pure copper for most of my pieces because I like to hammer it and I like that I can be a bit more rough with it without to much worry. I will however use the color coated wire for  some earrings and rings because it does help me keep a less expensive line available and it works great for those styles pieces.


Monday, February 20, 2012


  I just ordered some of this silver wire the other day. I have heard many great things about it and am looking forward to giving it a try. From what I have read it handles very much like sterling silver although it hardens faster when being worked so you have less room for re-shaping. But it doesn't need polishing with anything but a cotton clothe and water simply to take off finger prints. That's right no black or gold tarnishing and all shine. It can be soldered but needs lower temperatures.  It can be double hardened in your oven at 450 degrees. It works for almost all people with sensitivity to metals and causes almost no allergies. It is a higher in silver content percentage wise than sterling silver. And now it costs almost the same price as Sterling. Sounds almost to good to be true. And so I of course had to give it a try for my own to see how it performs for my needs.

     I will send you an update after I get it and how it works for me.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Moving Forward In my Business

  I have been doing a lot of thinking these last few days about my business and it's direction. I am trying to come up with new pieces for my line and looking for a better way to move forward.
     As much fun as craft shows can be they really are not money makers at this time because most are not run in a way that maximizes business for the artist/crafter. I understand they need to sell the spaces to make money, I just wish they would limit the type of artist categories better. I find that most shows I attend are so saturated with similar arts that it causes the customers to loose interest and they leave feeling that nothing was original even though it all is very original. Plus it makes the artists frustrated and go home with a much less profitable day. However if you can find a good show or group that runs them keep doing it.  I have found an alternative a craft mini shopping area that rents stand alone Shanties every summer for a very reasonable price and I will do it every year if they let me because it is very successful.

     I also find that selling to stores is very difficult because especially in this economy they want your awesome goods for a fraction of the cost you need to make in order to keep making the items. Or the boutiques have all ready got more jewelry than they can handle and yours gets lost. When you find one that does neither you are blessed, so hold on to them with all your might. (I have been lucky and have two that I can not be happier with and I intend to keep them).

     Then there is the home show. This is by far the hardest to get and the most profitable for me.  I love to do these, but man is it hard to get people to do them. I enjoy the one on one you get with the customers and they always enjoy them. However most customers have become afraid of how many in home shows try to get you to join their business and hassle you to book a show, and our friends try to come up with other plans to avoid them.  What ever happened to the days my mother and her girlfriends had home parties to get away from the family and have a good night drinking some wine and spending money on themselves because , damn it they deserved it.

     Trade shows are another good option. At the moment I personally don't have the money to be a vendor at the shows, but I am hoping to some day. The only one I attended a few years ago was a huge waste of money because it was not advertised  well and apparently to far from a big city that almost no one attended. But if you have the time and money you can do very well at these. The trick is knowing which ones are successful.

     The last thing I have considered and am using very extensively is the internet. But as with any tactic it takes time, lots of effort and research. Of course the internet is also very saturated with others trying to do the same thing as you, however the amount of customers out there are infinite. And so I am trying with all my might to go this route for a few reasons. It doesn't require travel, loads of money, or even a 9a-5p schedule.

     Anyway as I go forward and try to navigate the direction of my business I am learning and stretching out beyond my comfort zone often and that is good. It keeps me honest and it keeps me motivated most the time.  I am also learning that what works today doesn't always work tomorrow, so remember to be flexible and not stuck in your ways or it could be your undoing.

     So good luck with your ventures and may you find success. 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day!

Just wanted to send out a wish for a Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there in cyber land! Remember to unplug and share the love with those around you too. Enjoy the day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Cuff Bracelet

     Trying to come up wit a cuff bracelet design that will compliment the rings I made and let the stone show and be a classic but interesting piece. 

     It is now available on my etsy store. I plan to make a few other stones soon and will post them as I get them done.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Earrings!

     Well here they are! six new pairs of earrings made with copper and silver plated copper wire and gemstones. Hope you like them!  They will be available on my Etsy store and are ready to ship.  They can of course be made in gold plated copper as well or with other stones or colors.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspiration and Design

     I love to look at my books and magazines to get inspired and often I say I would love to try that design. But inevitably I sit down and make my own thing. I just can't bring myself to actually use the all ready done designs. A fault or a gift I am not sure. I think that is why I have a hard time with repeat designs, and yet I wonder if sometimes this hurts me. Do I need fall back designs that always sell to make a living or can I continue to do a new design every time and allow myself to do and try many different styles.

      I always read you need to know who your customer and I am afraid that by not sticking to the same style of design I am totally ignoring this advice. But then I am my customer and I love to have lots of different styles, especially if no one else has it. Plus I feel a different personality depending on where I am going and what I am doing. Sometimes I am conservative, sometimes a little rock and roll, and sometimes all natural. Ugggh, I'm like a mini Sybil when it comes to style.

     Any way after I sat with my books and earmarked loads of pages, I sat down and came up with some cool earrings (of my own design of course) and will add them to my line. I hope that as I try to find a niche that you as my customers will feel free to help me figure out who you are and what you want to see more of  from my style. I of course want to keep it my style and that is why I feel it is good that I can't just copy, but I want you to be inspired by those designs as well. So keep the comments coming and feed me suggestions when you have them.

     Thank you for your support and your appreciation for my work.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Toe Rings

These are three toe rings and one finger ring. All were requested by this weeks Fan of the week before she had won. 

So congratulations Sue and Cassie!  I hope you love them.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hyannis Harbor the Arts Shanty program

     Last year in 2011 I was lucky enough to get into the Hyannis Harbor the Arts Shanty program at the end of the season. It was quite a wonderful and successful experience even though it was after the bad storm and the end of the season. So of course I applied for the coming season as soon as I could.  It is never a sure thing even if you are a returning artist for many seasons So when I got the news that I was not only accepted but given not one week but two plus offered four weekends in the beginning of the season I was thrilled! I also got one of the best weeks of the summer as my first pick ( Fourth of July Week) wow!

     I am so honored to be included in this program because it is a fantastic chance to get noticed and help promote my business. It is also a great place to meet people and other artists. The view is also not so bad and I loved being able to leave my set up all week and have my own little store front. Not a bad way to spend two weeks this summer.

     So please come check it out all my new designs this summer and meet some other very talented artists this summer while walking along the harbor, or before you catch the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. It's a great way to enjoy the day and the perfect start or end to a Cape Cod vacation!

Dates I will be at the Shanties--- weekends of 5/18-5/20, 5/25-5/28, 6/1-6/3, 6/8-6/10  from 11am- 5pm , also the weeks of  6/30-7/06/2012  from 11am-8pm  and  9/8-9/14/2012  11am-5pm


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be My Valentine

     Valentine's day is right around the corner and I am sure we have all bought some chocolate and heart shaped stuffed animals for the occasion.

    I also know some people actually resent being told they have to show they love someone this with gift on this day. I know that I do. It isn't because we are unromantic or selfish. No, it is usually because we are the people who believe and strive to let those we love know it each and every day. So if you are one of those kind of people take heart. You can make Valentine's special without buying chocolate or ridiculous stuffed animals and resenting it.

      Now I realize as a jewelry designer and retail owner, I should be trying to get you to buy my things for your sweet heart and I am certainly not opposed to that, lol. I just want to give you some other options. Feel free include a One of a kind piece that can be enjoyed all year, and enjoy the holiday.

     You can for example make your sweet heart dinner and do the dishes if it is something you don't normally do. You can offer to do a project around the house that they don't want to do but has been on their list for a long time. You can get the kids together and make mosaic paper or macaroni heart cards. You can take a walk together and hold hands and tell them you love them. You can even give them a guilt free day to do anything they please, like spend time in there empty box ( a quite place to just be quiet, men especially like this one).

       Saying I love you can be done in many ways. It can be big and over the top, or it can be quiet and small. No matter how you do it the important thing is that both of you understand that you are appreciated and accepted exactly the way you are and that is what makes your love special.


                               Celebrate your Valentine daily and receive it back in spades!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Rings

A few more new styles made with my newly designed adjustable frame. I love this frame, so versatile!
Check out these new styles on my Etsy store.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

New rings!

 I have created a few new rings with my new frame design and they are now available in my Etsy store! There will be four more designs coming soon too.

     Looking for a stone or combo you don't see? Have a stone or object you want turned into a ring or pendant?   Shoot me an email at or send a conservation on my Etsy store and I will work it up for you.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rings and things sneak peak!

     Here is just one of the new rings I have created using my new adjustable frame design. I have made about ten rings so far and have a few more to go. They are made with silver tone copper wire and will come in a variety of stones and beads. They will be available very soon at my etsy store.

Work in progress- Rings and things

     I have been trying for a while to come up with a simple but versatile ring design that is also adjustable. Sounds easy right? Not so much. I went looking for ideas and most of what I found was not adjustable or it wouldn't work for my needs. So after much trial and error I came up with a design that can be worn just the way it is without any stones, or adorned as you like. I even think I might be able to work it into a frame for a cuff bracelet with some more work.

     Turns out the simpler the design is the better it looks and works. I am sure I new that all ready but I had get out of my own way to rediscover it.

     So as of now I have no pictures, but when I get it perfected I will share my new line of rings as well as a how to on the frame work.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cape Cod Children's Museum

 I am donating 15% per sale to Cape  Cod Children's museum for all sales now until February 14th,2012.

So check it out and help support a great place for kids to grow!