Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be My Valentine

     Valentine's day is right around the corner and I am sure we have all bought some chocolate and heart shaped stuffed animals for the occasion.

    I also know some people actually resent being told they have to show they love someone this with gift on this day. I know that I do. It isn't because we are unromantic or selfish. No, it is usually because we are the people who believe and strive to let those we love know it each and every day. So if you are one of those kind of people take heart. You can make Valentine's special without buying chocolate or ridiculous stuffed animals and resenting it.

      Now I realize as a jewelry designer and retail owner, I should be trying to get you to buy my things for your sweet heart and I am certainly not opposed to that, lol. I just want to give you some other options. Feel free include a One of a kind piece that can be enjoyed all year, and enjoy the holiday.

     You can for example make your sweet heart dinner and do the dishes if it is something you don't normally do. You can offer to do a project around the house that they don't want to do but has been on their list for a long time. You can get the kids together and make mosaic paper or macaroni heart cards. You can take a walk together and hold hands and tell them you love them. You can even give them a guilt free day to do anything they please, like spend time in there empty box ( a quite place to just be quiet, men especially like this one).

       Saying I love you can be done in many ways. It can be big and over the top, or it can be quiet and small. No matter how you do it the important thing is that both of you understand that you are appreciated and accepted exactly the way you are and that is what makes your love special.


                               Celebrate your Valentine daily and receive it back in spades!



  1. I'd choose to do projects around the house to show my lurve :)
    After all I like to DIY....but this time around will be extra careful not to slip and hurt myself :)

  2. Great idea. Yes, please no more slipping. I hope you are healing well.