Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colored Coated Wire Experiment

      I recently decided to make a few pieces in colored copper wire. I had never used the color coated wire for anything other than earrings and Christmas ornaments. My experiment with it didn't really turn out so well. But I must say that I like to really manipulate stuff to get the right look and I  may not be as patient as some, so I could party be at fault, plus I didn't try different brands to see if one is better than another.

      So what I found was that even with the silicone coating I had some marks on the wire or the coating came off so fast that I needed to re-coat my tools between projects. I also found that the wire was to soft to retain it's shape in a large piece that took any stress.  However I did find some very good things out. It works well for earrings and small rings. It also can be used for wrapping pendants.

      There are lot of wonderful wire artist who only use color coated wire and they come in different kinds of cores and qualities. But for my purposes I find that I prefer to work in Silver or pure copper for most of my pieces because I like to hammer it and I like that I can be a bit more rough with it without to much worry. I will however use the color coated wire for  some earrings and rings because it does help me keep a less expensive line available and it works great for those styles pieces.


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