Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ramblings of an artist #1


         Yes I know you aren't suppose to look for validation through others praise and all that, but I must say that after having such a great week selling my artwork at the Hyannis Artist shanties that I am feeling pretty good right now.
       I was beginning to wonder if maybe I should just do art as a hobby and give up my hope of making a living at it. Considered selling everything I could at a flea market and at least make back the money I spent on the supplies.  Hey I am only human and after a long year of very little results who wouldn't start to wonder if they were doing the right thing.
     Anyway my week was very inspiring. Even when all the other artists were complaining about how their sales were either low or non existent, I was jumping up and down with joy (inside of course, I am not a complete ass) about how well I was doing. I was complimented on how different my things were so many times that I was giddy.
      Now don't get me wrong I can not retire on this weeks wages, but it defiantly gave me hope and helped me realize that maybe I have been barking up the wrong trees for sales and appreciation of my work.
 I guess all I am trying to share here is, don't give up on your own dreams, look for other avenues to share it. May you find the right path and may I continue on mine.

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