Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Preschool Jitters

     So the last couple of weeks have been taken up with interviews and visits to some of the local preschools. So that is why I have not written in a while along with other things we call life.

    Back to the preschool thing. You know you have to do it because being three is hard on all the family. They want independence and so do you. There is a lot of arguing and some times resentment on both sides. Yeah I know what that sounds like, but lets be honest here, you have all been there. We love our children and they love us but we are by nature independent and need to have our space. It helps us appreciate each other better and it helps us grow and see our own strengths. Then we come together and celebrate what we are to each other.

       If you have ever tried to find a preschool you know how hard it can be. Sending your child to others to watch can be the hardest thing you do, well at least until the next big moment. You want them to be in a nurturing place, and it has to work into your schedule right. These two things do not always come in one school. So the search can take some time and lots of hard thinking.

     It has been a long journey trying to find just the right fit. All the schools were good, but only one was perfect.  When you find the right one you will be so glad you didn't give up and just settle. We found our school yesterday and I must say I feel completely at ease with our choice.  That is to say I am sure Jake will love it and I will too.  The staff was very caring and made me and Jake feel at home. The other kids were also excited and told Jake they couldn't wait to see him next week. Awww so sweet.

      I am very excited for us both for many reasons. He will get some time with other kids and learn to work things out without my help. He will be able to choose his own friends. He will be in a place he can grow and become an even more wonderful little person. I will get some time to be and be with adults. I will have time to regenerate and be productive. I will get to grow and become a more wonderful person too. All in all it will be great for us both.

     I am also at odds with him going because of all the mom worries. He is my baby and I am proud and sad at the same time that he is growing up to fast for my liking. I am also of course having the concerns of all moms, you know "What if he falls and needs a kiss on his boo boo?" "What if someone is mean to him" "What if he doesn't need me any more"   So I am certain that on his first day I will be that mom in her car smiling because she is happy and crying because she is sad.

Any way another change in life to celebrate and remember is at hand. When your time comes to do the same just remember that it will be okay and you are not alone. Come on over and have coffee with me. We will laugh and cry together as our children play at preschool , knowing nothing of our jitters.



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