Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just for the Joy- A Dress for Jolie and baby Suzie

     This is the next set of dresses that I made for the cutie next door and her American Doll named baby Suzie. They are a very simple design called a pillow case dress. I had an awesome time making it.

     It took about a yard and a half of the main fabric plus about another half yard for the trim and bows. It has only one seam up the back. I lined the armhole with hand made bias tape. I also made each tie with a two inch hand made ribbon that is the full length of the fabric width (44 ").

     I would love to make this style again. It can be worn for many years. It can even used as a shirt. I can also see putting a ruffle on the bottom or even a small one on the top. You can also of course make a tie belt for a different look.

     I was requested to make this style by Jolie and her mom and I am so glad I was. I would not have thought such a simple design could have been so much fun. It was great because it took me so little time to prep - and I am all about instant gratification. Time to play is in short supply in my home - as it is with most people.

     One of the funnest parts was having a fitting with the doll. Jolie was so excited. I showed up with my bag of tools and a mock or muslin to do it and she was so helpful. I could see her getting so excited to see it done. I love my hobby; which is good because after the last dress was published online I got another request, lol. You know what they say, being busy keeps you out of trouble (mostly)

Hope you enjoy this little set for many years Jolie and Suzie! 



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