Thursday, March 8, 2012

Argentium Silver First trials

  Well, I got a to finally do a project with my new silver I got a couple weeks ago. It has been a bit crazy at my house these last few weeks.

     Anyway it worked exactly like my sterling silver and I felt it was even better. Because it hardens a bit faster, I didn't have to manipulate it a lot to get the shape I wanted and I had fewer issues with marking. The few marks I had were easily buffed out and didn't hurt the shine at all.

     I also tried to use the oven to harden it. I put it in a pyrex small pot in a 400 degree oven for two hours and it worked quite well. The piece I made was dead soft and after hardening it was dead hard. It had no fire scale, just a bit of cloudiness to it. I used a little gentle metal polish and then buffed it and it shined like crazy. I hammered it slightly and it worked perfectly.

     I am loving this new medium and am looking forward to more trials as I have read it can be fused with just heat and of course can be soldered.

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