Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Make a Charm Bracelet Hammock (Inspired by Chain Sta Stabilization Solution)

I have seen these for sale from many jewelry suppliers but they always seem to flimsy for my needs, so I asked my very handy husband to help me come up with a design that was colapsable and easy to make, and of course as inexpensive as possible. I hope you like it. It has made it much easier for me to work with charms and bead placement as well giving me a portable work shop that I can virtually set up any where, including at my art shows. This brings lots of traffic to my booth and a way to open the communication to the customers. I Love it!

List of supplies you will need.....
1. A scrap piece of 1x6 atleast 12" long
2. 1/4" wing nuts(4)
3. Copper wire 20 gauge ( you can use heavy paper clips-2)
4. 1/4" thread rod 3ft long
5.  2 1/2" C clamps (2)
6. 1x1/4" washers (4)
7. 5/8x1/4" washers (4)
8. 220 grit sand paper
9. Small felt sticky back dots (optional)

You will also need a measuring tape, a pencil, speed square, hack saw, regular saw or power saw, 1" Fostner or spade bit, 1/4" drill bit and a drill press or hand drill. Keep the band-aids close to, just in case.

Cut 2 pieces of the wood to 5 1/2" to make squares. Then using square mark the center on both. 

Using the 1" drill bit drill half way through the wood making a counter sink. Then with the 1/4" drill bit go all the way through so you can thread the rod.

Now mark the rod at 1 1'2 ft (half the total length) and cut it with the hack saw. Thread each piece through the wood blocks with the rough cut sides coming out the counter sink side of the blocks. Put a 1" washer on and then a 1/4" nut on so that the rode is lower than the wood bottom.
Now thread on the other side of the rod another 1" washer and 1/4" washer and tighten them up all up.

Almost done.  Thread on a wing nut upside down and two 5/8" washers and then another wing nut right side up onto each rod. Then using either the copper wire or the paper clips make two hooks that go around and then down. Place these hooks, one each, in between the washers.

Sand any rough edges on the block and then put on the felt dots.

Now all that is left is to find a table and C clamp it to the desired distance you want. You can adjust the height as well by simply threading the wing nuts up or down. And viola you have done it!

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