Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Memories (Being me)

     As the advent calendar gets filled up and the holidays get closer I am reminded of the importance of the holiday. Sure I stress over the gifts like everyone else. And I probably go a little over my budget. But isn't that what it's all about? Heck no!

     It's about these people we call family and friends and spending warm moments to make memories. I spent the weekend with some of the greatest people I know at our Annual Christmas weekend party. We didn't go any where special and we didn't spend any money while there on unnecessary stuff. We drank, ate and were Merry just to be together. The kids played until they fell down and so did we.

     And that was what made me remember that in six days it will not be about the number of gifts under the tree or how fat the stockings are, it will be about the time and memories we choose to create for ourselves as well as our family and friends.
     So stop in between the cookie making, the gift wrapping, the cooking and cleaning and make sure you are doing it all for the joy of it. Family and friends don't actually care if the wrapping is perfect, or if the cookies may be a bit burnt in some spots, in fact it's probably a relief to see yours are just like theirs, lol. Sit and watch some holiday movies and drink hot cocoa with the kids. They really do want to just spend time with you anyway.
     Of course for others the holiday mean even more. To you it may be a time to reflect, to rejoice, to remember, to make magic or to simply relax. So what ever you love to do and what ever it means to you to celebrate this holiday, remember to not let it get away and to enjoy every moment of it!

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