Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Resolutions( being me and reflecting)

     Well it is that time of year again when we all look back at the year that is over, and wonder what the year ahead will bring.

     We think about what we want to change to make this year one in which we treat ourselves better or how we can be more successful in every way imaginable.

     You know how it goes....."this year I will exercise more and eat less."  Or maybe " I promise to be more productive and not be afraid to learn new things", blah blah blah.

    There is certainly nothing wrong with wondering how to be a better person to yourself and others, however please remember to celebrate all the wonderful things you did do. All the terrific things that happened and the people you have had to share this last year.  I believe we forget to congratulate ourselves for being great people. Sure we have our faults, we are human after all, but you know what, it is quite all right to pat yourself on the back once in a while. It keeps you on the right track just as well as being hard on yourself can.

   So say "I am wonderful for all the times I made cookies for my friends and told them I loved them."  or  " I am a good friend for listening when my friend needed to bitch and or cry."  maybe try "I was really patient when my kids pushed my buttons most the time."  Go ahead try it.

    This New year as the ball drops grab that horn and blow it for your accomplishments this year and the many more you will have this coming Year!

                                                                  Happy New Year to you all!

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