Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Being me ( and The perfect Husband)

     I remember when I was a little girl imagining I was an Indian princess and I married a white frontier man that was brave and loving and of course hot. Then I tried on the prince image for a while and that seemed good too. Then  there was the rocker stage when I wanted the bad boy and finally the guy next door.
Well what I got was a man who is somewhat of all those things and none of them too. He is perfect and flawed and wonderful too. He is more than I ever imagined and my best friend. He is kinder to me than I am to myself and loves me (even if he doesn't always like me) just the way I am.

     I was very lucky to have a terrific home and parents who made it work and are still happily married. I am so blessed to have been able to experience a true love story, not only through them but in my own life. My mom and dad married after only three dates and just new it was right. Of course if I had pulled that they would have had me institutionalized. As it is I dated my wonderful husband for 4 years before getting married and we waited another 13 before we had Jake. Maybe they should have institutionalized me after all, lol.

     We have our tough times as well as our terrific times just like everyone and we try to be the best we can for one another. The one thing I think we have done that makes it work is to never take one another for granted. In a world of instant gratification and easy replacements you have to remember that money comes and goes as do some of the people in your life, but love can be for ever if you respect it as the gift and treasure it truly is.

     I love you Bert more than life itself! Thank you for being my friend, my biggest fan and my best critic and supporter.

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