Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being me (The perfect friend)

  When you are one year old it's the child who plays all by himself and doesn't take your toys if you turn around, these are very hard to find.  When you are two and three years old it is the other child willing to sit on the other side of the sea saw or the one who shares the slide and swings best, these are much easier to find. At four to six they may be the ones willing to share their snack and some of their toys without mom making them. It was so easy to find friends at this age and to accept almost anyone as a candidate and  a companion.

  As you go through middle and high school they become the kids you choose to hang out with and not necessarily the ones your parents choose. As a teenager they are the ones who feel just as out of place as you, once again really hard to find. And no matter how many friends you have or don't have you never quite feel like you have enough.

  Then even in your twenties and thirties you find that your friends rotate as your life changes. New ones come and go depending on whether you have children, get married, get divorced, go to school, get a new job or even move. Not much different than when you were a kid. Only now some of them never quite go away and they change with you and around you. There are very few of them and that is ok, and they each play a different role in your life. One is the person you can tell anything and know it will never go any further. One will go do Karaoke and dance with you and brings out your wild side. One is your best critic and supporter. One helps you keep your perspective and yet another helps you stay a bit wacky. All these friends are completely different and some you can take only in small doses. And guess what?! You are that same kind of friend to someone else. Because as a very good and dear friend once told me, each friend in your life is who they are and what you need for different reasons and that is what makes them perfect.

 So enjoy each friend for who they are and let them be the perfect friend by accepting them just as they are in your life.

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