Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Break

     Been feeling pretty inspired lately but today was a bit of an exception. I am feeling like the weather we have this fabulous rainy day. Just want to curl up and sleep. And so I did during Jake's nap, got a problem with that?! 
      Actually was thinking about how sometimes we forget to take care of our own needs or how we feel guilty when we actual have the nerve to attend to them. Isn't that silly?!  I would be the first person to tell a friend take a break, don't be so hard on yourself and yet I feel bad when the laundry machine buzzes""""Dawn"""""(I swear the buzz really sounds like that)" I'm done" and I ignore it.  I mean come on, there will always be another pile to do so why am I feeling bad about the last one in the dryer, jeesh.

     Anyway I am feeling tired today so I am not going to do anything in my studio and I am not going to blog. Oh shit, I did it anyway. I am hopeless, LOL.

                              Have a good night off everyone and rest when you need it.


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