Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Nude Artist

    So my son is three and when he wants to paint it gets messy, surprise?! No of course not. So we let him paint in the nude in the kitchen with a plastic tarp and he paints until the paint is gone or he is completely covered with it. We even sometimes let him paint the tub walls. Makes clean up easier.

     But then I started to think about, "I wonder if he will be a grown up artist that can only paint in the nude?" I also started to envision his first day in preschool when they say, "Ok class now we are going to finger paint."  and he proceeds to strip before he puts on his apron. Sorry Jake. Sorry Teacher.

     Oh well, I guess we will have a good laugh and cross that bridge when the time comes. For now nude painting is a blast and that's the way it should be.

                                                           Enjoy life with a sense of humor!

                                                                          Dawn Rosell


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