Monday, January 9, 2012

Train tracks in the livingroom

  Like many boys my son is a huge fan of all things related to trains. Actually any vehicle will do. But he especially likes to play trains on the living room floor because of the space allowed and the flatness of the wood(his playroom is carpeted).

  At first I was kind of like ugh now there are toys in here too. But then I realized I actually love to see what kind of train track I can make. That was the most fun part for me. But today he didn't want my help at all, in fact he made an extremely complicated track that put mine to shame. I was so impressed. I didn't even insist on putting it away at nap time.  I am glad I left it because he has also added a pile of rocks and fake plants into the center for scenery.

     I am actually amazed and in awe because I am watching his brain grow right before my eyes. I know this may seem silly but I am actually a bit sad because he is becoming so very independent and yet I am so proud of the imaginative little person he has become.

     I try to see him and let him grow without me sometimes and it can be very hard, but it is also super inspiring and of course important for him to have space. He makes me look at things from a different angle in my own creating and that is fantastic.

  So anyway I am just bragging and reflecting a bit at the same time. Remember to look at the world through the eyes of a child once in a while because it becomes magic again!

                                              May you living room be filled with trains!


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