Thursday, January 26, 2012

You are beautiful

      I am starting a new day I like to call "You are beautiful". It is not a nationally recognized day or official  in any calendar. It isn't meant to be a chain letter that can't be broken or you'll have bad luck. It is simply a chance to share with the men and women you love the fact that you think they are beautiful and are blessed to have them in your life. I figure we sometimes assume they know it and yet they do not. So share send to whom ever you want and share the love with someone beautiful to you.


For all your strength
For all your weakness
For all your success 
For all your failures
For all you generosity
For all your support
For all your sacrifice
For all your talents
For your sense of humor
For your wonderful smile
For your hearty laugh
For hugs that feel like home
For kisses that heal
For all you are to me
For all these thing and more 
your are beautiful 

You are all beautiful!


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