Friday, January 6, 2012

Potty Trying....Training

   It's been a bit hectic this last couple of weeks and hard to concentrate on my craft/business and I am sure that from the title you can see where this is going. Yup we are in potty training and wow is it trying. We began with three days of nudity which was actually terrific and the easiest. I have mostly hard, easy to clean floors so any accidents are pretty easy to clean up. Of course most of the accidents occurred on the only carpeted room in the house. I just keep telling myself I really hate that rug anyway and move on.

     I am truly very proud of my little guy and I think this time is going much better than the last few attempts. But we are still in the if I forget, he forgets stage. Which is tough because I get mad at myself for forgetting, and then well I am ashamed to admit but I get mad at him. He also gets mad at me for forgetting to remind him, and I wonder who is actually getting trained here. Then I realize it is both of us and we have a hug and forgive each other and move forward.

   I have no idea what I am doing even though I have read more books and heard more advice than I can possibly remember, but Jake has no idea either, so I guess we are just finding the way that works for us both. My only hope is we will make it out with our undies intact, cause there ain't nothin worse than getting your panties in a bunch.

For anyone who is also going through potty trying, I mean training,  keep a good sense of humor, a lot of laundry soap and paper towels, and an extra set of hugs on hand and you will make it through just fine.



  1. Loving your honesty Dawn! And you guysare doing great!

  2. Thank you Kristy. I want it to be genuine and honest. I am glad it comes across that way.