Sunday, January 8, 2012

Contest for Work in progress

      Trying out some new stuff. Want to come up with a line of bracelet cuffs that can be adapted to different stones and possibilities. Also want to come up with styles that can be wore by men or women.

     Tell me what you think. Would love any suggestions or ideas you would like to see.

 Every comment or suggestions posted in comments section will be entered into a free raffle to win this bracelet.  One entrance per person. Winner will be pick randomly from those entered on January 22nd and announced that day by 5pm.

             Good luck and thank you for your input, it helps me be a better designer.



  1. Love this one,, would also love to see it with the silver hammered flat if that would be strong enough... and of course for me... purple is a must lol

  2. Oh My GOSH!!! I LOVE it!!! I'm not a big jewelry fan (well I love earrings) but don't wear much else, but I would definitely wear this! I too might like to see it in silver, and the first thing I thought of was you could do something similar to a mothers ring, but do a bracelet, and have stones for each child. (not sure how that would work though)

  3. Thank you Sue and Kristine. Those are both terrific ideas. I will keep those in mind as I go forward with the new line. I am hoping to make it as flexible on the special order side as possible and these ideas fit right in to that possibility.

  4. And the winner of the contest is.............. Kristine! Congrats to you and Sue I am sending you a runner up prize! So congratulations to you both! And thanks for playing.